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Anyone ever Tutored before?
  terrybunny19240, Feb 12 2012

I really, really want to start tutoring people in early college-level subjects.

Anyone here tutored before? How long did you do it for, what age group & subjects? How was it?

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McDonald's radio commercial
  terrybunny19240, Feb 09 2012

idk rofl I can't believe I just heard this on the radio.

Husband: Hey, honey who's cooking dinner for the kids tonight?

Wife: Its my turn today.

Husband: Ah well I'll just handle it!

Wife: But you just did it yesterday! Did you do something you don't want me to know about?

Husband: No way! I've been feeding the kids discount McDonalds(tm) kid's meals for them on Tuesdays behind your back for weeks(paraphrase)! Its the best!

Wife: What? You ARE the best husband ever!

*I'm lovin' it* jingle

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Ordeal of the Nerd
  terrybunny19240, Feb 07 2012

I am forming an idea for a little sort of article/essay.. and its theme is the Social Ordeal of The Nerd. The past couple of weeks have been an interesting time for me, a long-time inadvertent super nerd, and I've been learning quite a bit about what it takes to evolve one's social skills. That's for later though.

My presentation went really, really well. The turn out at the meeting wasn't very big but it isn't a problem since the whole 'recruitment event/bring a friend event' is a prototype. I'm going to record a final youtube version in the next day or so and I'll drop a link so you guys can enjoy the finished product and offer some more perspectives.


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